• The spirit of innovation drives us forward each and every day...

    Intelligent, automatic and paperless systems are the hallmarks of modern hospital and healthcare facilities - all serving to achieve significant improvements in the overall quality of service, as well as delivering cost reduction benefits. JAG Technology offers a powerful suite of sustainable solutions to help your healthcare business grow and prosper.


    As a leader of innovative information technology and application solutions in the medical and health care industry, JAG Technology has not only developed a wide range of advanced intelligent digital automatic solutions, but also accumulated a wealth of valuable experience by serving 80% of large-sized hospitals across Taiwan for more than 25 years.

  • Solutions

    With more than 25 years experience in developing cutting-edge medical information products and services, JAG uses state-of-the-art technology to build smart medical eco-systems that can help your organization:


    •Improve and enhance service flow  •Optimize operational processes •Find efficiencies for better management


    With unrelenting dedication for continuous innovation and digital transformation of modern healthcare with our key ICT, IPC and IoT partners, JAG pro-actively leads the smart healthcare industry by creating market trends – not following them.

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    Boost the Performance of Operating Theatre

    JAG’s 5th generation of Operating Theatre Management System (OTMS) is a total solution for modern operating theatre (OT) management.
    Embedded with a proprietary ‘Intelligent Core Engine’ JAG’s OTMS can provide effective theatre management; efficient scheduling and resourcing; in addition to real-time surgical reporting, helping to improve theatre utilization and quality assurance.
    Overall efficiencies can increase by up to 30% through JAG’s OTMS.
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    Unleash the efficiency of your hospital

    The first and most important step in jumping to a paperless hospital is to choose a service-ready package that can digitize all types of clinical records. JAG's Visualize EMR Solution has the capability to handle more than 1,200 different types of electronic clinical forms – making it No.1 in the market.

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    Improving service quality and reduce risk of patient safety

    The Smart Nursing system can classify patients’ needs and assist in scheduling appropriate resources, automatically notify relevant personnel, and confirm workstreams across different parts of the hospital – effectively closing the loop and reducing inefficiencies when it comes to delivering quality patient care.

  • Delivering Effective and Efficient Solutions for Modern Medical and Health Care

    JAG’s comprehensive solutions manage the complexities of daily operations across different specialist clinical divisions:

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    Discovering Needs

    Better management of resources and priorities via Patient List and Unit View.

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    Optimizing Workflow

    Better management of daily routines to focus on the essentials via Integrated Order Management.

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    Improving Outcomes

    Helps different teams identify common trends and targets, while providing decision support and notifications.

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    Boosting Performance

    Generate new insights and drive continuous improvement via a dedicated Analytics Framework.

  • JAG Technology Operation Services You Can Trust

    JAG Technology offers decades of qualified experience in the implementation of national-level healthcare technology programs, international telecare solution, and intelligent hospital systems.

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    • Hospital EMR Total Solution - development, management and operation support for medical centers across greater China, Japan and USA
    • Taiwan NIH Senior Care 2.0 Cloud Platform Plan - design, operation and service management
    • Telehealth Services for US hospitals - Design, Operations and Service Management
    • Cloud-based Healthcare Platforms in Japan - senior care and epidemic prevention
    • Smart City Epidemic Prevention Cloud in New Taipei City - Platform Construction and Operation Services

  • Our Story Begins in 1996

    The spirit of innovation drives us forward each and everyday...

    JAG Technology brings refined medical and healthcare application solutions into the 21st century. With a global vision for industry development, JAG has led and co-ordinated a range of joint venture initiatives across greater China, Japan, and the United States by combining cloud-based internet technology with modern medical and health care systems.


    Headquartered in Taiwan, JAG Technology focuses on total solution integration planning, supplemented by individual customized services to create added value. JAG leads the industry by applying AI (Artificial Intelligence) for deep learning as a key development tool; similarly, JAG builds on the evolution of the IoT (Internet of Things) to connect various data collection points and devices for advancing real-time healthcare analyses.

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